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Announcing the New Super Duty Tire Bar – Ken-Tool’s T45AS.

Akron, Ohio – (November 27, 2012) – Ken-Tool, the leader in tire service hand tools, announces a new twist on the company’s very popular T45A Tubeless Truck Tire Iron.

Presenting the new Ken-Tool T45AS Super Duty Tubeless Truck Tire Iron (PN 34649) — a tool combining the 52-inch length of Ken-Tool’s popular T47A and T47B tire tools, while using the industry recognized bead- and user-friendly rounded ends found on the T45A.

The T45AS Super Duty Tubeless Truck Tire Iron utilizes a 7/8-inch (0.875 in. /2.2 cm) shaft for strength and durability. The 52-inch (1.32m) length provides the technician with up to 40% greater leverage than the T45A and the T45AC (at 37 in/0.93 m), and T45HD (41 in/1.04 m). The smaller diameter shaft delivers a tool which weighs 8.25 pounds (3.7 kg), 25 percent lighter than the same length T47A or T47B tools.

Like the other tools in the T45 family, the proprietary heat treated ends are precision forged to deliver a slip-free grip on the rim and bead to facilitate mounting and demounting tires. The tip ends insert easily, and prevent the cutting or ripping of the bead or the sidewall. On the mount end, the unique, trademarked curve design always grabs the bead edge. On the demount end, the angled tip easily slips between bead and rim and will not slip when demounting the second bead.

Best of all, this allows the technician to continue to mount and demount tires without changing a familiar procedure.

Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide.

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About Ken-Tool
Ken-Tool is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service hand tools. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for nearly 90 years. 

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