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Ken-Tool announces new 17.5 Sidewinder™ Kit

A complete solution for mounting & demounting difficult 17.5-in tires

AKRON, Ohio (May 14, 2015) – Ken-Tool announces the company’s latest tire changing tool set – the 17.5 Sidewinder™ Kit (35459). The new “Sidewinder” kit is a single part number with five unique tools designed to demount and mount 17.5-in diameter truck tires.

35459 17.5 Sidewinder™ Kit
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The Sidewinder kit allows a single technician to quickly service these difficult tires and wheels.

The kit features the patent-pending 17.5 Sidewinder Demount Tool (35455) which revolutionizes the way the tires are demounted, by applying high leverage to the wheel and tire to separate them.  Technicians use their weight to keep the wheel and tire assembly from lifting off the ground.  The demount tool is used in conjunction with the Gap Tool (35456) to create an opening between the wheel and tire bead to easily insert the demount tool.  The Gap Tool also has a spooned end to provide added “bite” for easier mounting when regular tools may be too thick to be inserted.

For mounting 17.5-in tires, the kit’s new 17.5 Sidewinder Mount Tool (35457) and the newly designed Bead Holder (31715) deliver maximum leverage and prevent slippage for increased efficiency.   The included patented Leather Rim Protector (31810) keeps the tools from possibly marring alloy or chrome wheel surfaces.

The 17.5 Sidewinder Kit is priced at $349.95 (MSRP).  It weighs 22 pounds, and is UPS-shippable.

To watch the 17.5 Sidewinder kit in action, we recommend viewing this video on Ken-Tool’s YouTube channel:

Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide.  For more information about these and other professional tire-changing tools, visit High resolution images of the 17.5 Sidewinder Kit are available on line at

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