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Ken-Tool Expands Tire Mounting Lubricant Line

AKRON, Ohio – (August 24, 2010) – Ken-Tool, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, announces the significant expansion of its line of tire service lubricants. The new Ken-Tool lubricant products are: Euro Paste, Heavy Paste, Tiger Paste and Ultra Lube.

The four new products are formulated for professional use, particularly in fleet and off-the-highway applications. The products assist in the mounting process by lubricating the surface of the rim and tire bead. Additionally, the new products all contain rust inhibitors to protect steel rims, preventing the tire bead from bonding to the rim, helping to make mounting and demounting tires easier and improve shop efficiency.

Euro Paste (p/n 35848) is a premium tire mounting lubricant which dries to tacky consistency and prevents rim slippage, and ships in an 8 lb. bucket. Heavy Paste (p/n 35840) is an economical, concentrated tire mounting and bead packing lubricant, makes up to 15 gallons of product, and ships in a 25-lb pail. Tiger Paste (p/n 35837) has a superior formulation for commercial, Off-The-Road and other specialty equipment tires, and ships in a 7.5-lb bucket. Ultra Lube (p/n 35839) is a premium-level tire mounting lubricant and rim rust retardant product which has been compounded for demanding applications, and ships in a 25-lb pail. Ultra Lube also is ideal for lubricating 5th wheels of Class 8 trucks, plus protecting mud flaps from deterioration.

These four products join Ken-Tool’s existing tire mounting chemical products – BeadEze® lubricant and concentrated Detecto Mist® air leak detector – to provide very broad coverage and versatility to the professional tire service market. Additionally, BeadEze® is now available in a new 1-gallon single pack that can be shipped by package carrier service.

All Ken-Tool tire service lubricants can be applied with the Ken-Tool B111 Bead Lubricant Swab, which features a cotton swab applicator attached to a severe-duty handle.

Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide. For more information about these lubricant products and the Ken-Tool line of professional tire-changing tools, visit

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