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Ken-Tool TorqueMaster™ Line Expansion

Expertly tighten lug nuts to factory specifications every time.

AKRON, Ohio – (November 30, 2010) – When a service technician reaches the point of reinstalling a wheel and tire to a vehicle, his first inclination is to reach for an impact wrench to install the lug nuts. He knows he should torque the nuts to a specific value as the final step, but using the torque wrench takes too much valuable time. The solution to the problem is the TorqueMaster™ torque limiting sockets and extensions from Ken-Tool.

The Ken-Tool TorqueMaster line solves the technician’s torquing problem. It gives him the convenience of the use of the impact wrench to install the lug nuts quickly, while delivering a repeatable torque specification to avoid over/under tightening the nuts.

 Ken-Tool, a leading innovator in tire-service tools, has added two new sizes to its premier line of U.S.-made TorqueMaster torque limiting sockets and extensions.


The New TorqueMaster Socket Kits and Sets include:

Ten-Piece Kit (#30180): Contains 1/2”-drive sockets with torque limit values ranging from 45 ft/lbs to 140 ft/lbs

Five-Piece Extension Kit for Passenger Cars, with 1/2″-Drive Size (#30235): Contains socket extensions with torque limit values ranging from 65 ft/lbs to 140 ft/lbs.

Laminated Wheel Torque Socket Application Chart (#30299): This color-coded 22”x24” chart provides torque application data for domestic and import passenger and light truck vehicles.

Made in the U.S.A. from a premium heat-treated spring steel alloy, the Ken-Tool TorqueMaster torque sockets and extensions are designed to deliver a predetermined amount of twist or flex (torque) which is controlled by the shaft diameter and length. When a TorqueMaster torque socket or extension reaches its predetermined torque limit, it twists with the hammer strikes of the impact wrench on the anvil, bleeding off the excess torque and will not allow the nut to be tightened further. Ken-Tool TorqueMaster torque sockets and extensions are accurate to +/- 2 percent.

Since each socket and extension is color- and letter-coded for quick size and torque reference, the technician can quickly match the correct socket for the application. The Ken-Tool TorqueMaster line of sockets and extensions are available in sizes to service foreign and domestic cars and light trucks. The line also includes a variety of extensions designed to service automotive and heavy-duty commercial applications for technicians who prefer to use their own impact sockets. The TorqueMaster line of sockets and extensions will work with all impact wrenches, including extended anvil models.

Ken-Tool offers the TorqueMaster 1/2”-drive sockets in kit form with 4, 6, 9 and now 10 sockets (with a wall-mount application chart) in a red molded plastic case for most popular applications. The 1/2”drive sockets range in size from 3/4” to 1-1/16,” and 14mm to 22mm, with torque values from 45 ft/lbs to 180 ft/lbs. Torque drive extensions fit 3/8”-, 1/2″-, 3/4″- and large 1”-drive impact wrenches that cover a range of torque values from 30 ft/lbs to 650 ft/lbs, including applications for heavy-commercial vehicles. The 3/8”-drive extensions feature black-oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection, while 1/2”-, 3/4″- and 1”-drive extensions and sockets are powder coated to ensure a long, trouble-free life. All Ken-Tool TorqueMaster torque sockets and extensions are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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