2 PC Torque Wrench Kit 1” Drive

The break back wrench retains the original ‘Industrial’ wrench’s robustness and clear torque signal and improves on the scale for more accurate setting. Can be split into two parts for easy storage and economic shipping. Removal of calibrated nuts reduces calibration expense. Quick and easy torque adjustments. Operator handle designed to ‘guide’ the technicians hand into the proper position. Meets ISO 6789-1:2017 requirements.

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Item No.Description
30537Ken Tool 2 PC Break Back Torque Wrench 1” Drive 200-750 Ft LB
30433Torque Wrench Adapter 3/4” -1”
3036633MM Deep Socket 1” Drive
3024613” 3/4” M  x 1” M, Extension


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