3-Bar Cage (OTR)


** For reference only. Height A refers to the approximate height to the inside bend of the cage. May accommodate taller tires.

Mandatory for any shop working with tubeless and multi-piece rims. Made from heavy-gauge steel tubing welded to a steel base. Guards against blown lock rings and rims. Follow OSHA regulation 29-CFR Part 1910.177. Read safety label on cage. Designed to meet OSHA regulation requirements for Medium, Heavy-Duty Truck, OTR, Tractor, and Super Singles. Ken-Tool offers sizes and designs for all your needs. For additional safety labels or instructions, call Ken-Tool customer service.


Why Choose Ken-Tool Tire Inflation Cages?

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ModelItem NumberHeight A**Width BBaseWeight
(165 cm)
(61 cm)
30″ x 27″
(76 cm x 69 cm)
158 lbs
(72.6 kg)

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Cage Manual
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