Shark Fin™ Dual Wheel Separation Bag

The first wheel separation solution for steel, aluminum and chrome wheels!

No metal on metal contact!

  • 5000 lbs of static pressing force!
  • Works on 15″ to 24.5″ dual and single
  • wheels and tires on trucks & trailers
  • Kevlar inner inflation bag is industrial
  • grade and nearly puncture proof
  • Small but mighty – Portable, durable,
  • and fast – Full inflation only takes a
  • matter of seconds
  • 3 foot inflation hose makes access
  • easy and safe
  • Deflation is controlled with a quick
  • turn of the slotted valve cap
  • 9.75″ x 8″ x 3/8″ height deflated –
  • 5.5″ height when fully inflated
  • 90 psi max pushing pressure –
  • 150 psi maximum rated pressure

Shark FinTM inflates to separate stuck or frozen dual wheels without damaging the wheel!

2.5 tons of force!

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34555Shark Fin™ Dual Wheel Separation Bag1.31 lbs. (.59 kg)

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