Automotive Weight Hammer

The last wheel weight hammers you’ll ever need!

Both hammers feature ANTI-MARRING replaceable hammer face that is safe for use on STEEL, ALUMINUM, and CHROME

Replaceable chromoly steel hook removes all clip on wheel weights — lead, zinc, and steel — no modification needed to fit smaller weights

Fiberglass handle with ergonomic industrial grip is chemical resistant and 4X STRONGER THAN WOOD

Both Hammer’s feature a dedicated refurbish kit to replace the hook and replace the anti-marring face — HD Refurb Kit: 35360 — Automotive Refurb Kit: 35362

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Item No. Model No. Description Length Weight
35354 B230 Professional Wheel Weight Tool 10″ (25.4 cm) 1 lb (.5 kg)
35355 B232 Standard Wheel Weight Tool 9.5″ (24.1 cm) 1 lb (.5 kg)
35361 Automotive Wheel Weight Hammer 11″ (28 cm) 1 lb (.5 kg)
35362 Hub Wheel Weight Hammer Refurbish Kit .25 lbs (.11 kg)


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