Deluxe Blue Cobra Set

All the tools you need for changing most 22.5″ & 24.5″ tubeless truck tires in one convenient set!


35444 SET
135440Blue Cobra™ Truck Tire Demount Tool; Demounts up to 425 wide tire
13464537” T45A Tubeless Tire Iron – Our Best Selling Bar!
13305230” Double-End Tire Spoon
13533030” T11ES Bead Breaking Wedge w/Safety Handle, Use with T35 Hammer
13532316-1/2” T35 H.D. Tire Hammer, With Replaceable Rubber Head
1358488# Bucket White Paste Lube; Dries Tacky With Rust Preventative
130512Euro-Style Lube Applicator Brush
231713Aluminum C-Lok™ Bead Holder
131810Leather Rim Protector – PATENTED!
35444 set ships in 1 Box, weighing 57 lbs, UPS shippable

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