Super Magnum Tire Cage

SuperMagnum reduces energy blast for by 93%!
Designed to accept the new generation of Super Single and Super Wide-Base truck tires with their higher inflation pressures and air volumes. Rated to 130PSI!
SuperMagnum Item No. 36010 with steel mesh diffuses 93% of blast force from zipper rupture!
Magnum – Item No. 36009
SuperMagnum – Item No. 36010
Portable Magnum – Item No. 36019
Magnum EZ Tire Rotator™ with Ramp – Item No. 36013
ALL CAGES RATED TO 130-PSI • Meets O.S.H.A. Standard No. 29 CFR • Part 1910.177

Why Choose Ken-Tool Tire Inflation Cages?

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Model No. Item No. Description Height A** Width B Base Weight
T109 36009 5-Bar Magnum 41-1/2″ (105cm) 24-1/2″ (105cm) 48″ x 30″ (122cm x 76cm) 211lbs (96kg)
T110 36010 5-Bar SuperMagnum 41-1/2″ (105cm) 24″ (105cm) 48″ x 30″ (122cm x 76cm) 248lbs (112.7kg)
T119 36019 Portable Magnum 2-Bar 49-1/2″ (105cm) 24-1/2″ (105cm) 7″ x 30″ closed (18cm x 76cm) 80lbs (36.2kg)
T113 36013 Magnum EZ Rotator™ with Ramp 25″ x 28″ (64cm x 71cm) 22lbs (10kg)
T118 36018 EZ Rotator™ with Ramp 25″ x 25″ (64cm x 64cm) 21lbs (9.5kg)
** For reference only. Height A refers to the approximate height to the inside bend of the cage. May accommodate taller tires.

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