Bendix® ADB22X™ Air Disc Brake Tool Kits

bendix logoThese kits provide specialized tools for the replacement of Bendix® air disc brake tappet and boot assemblies, tappet inner seals, and guide pins and boots.

No. 80000 ADB22X Complete Kit (Bendix #K029164)

made-in-usaNo. 80001 Tappet & Boot Replacement Tool Kit (Bendix #K028829)

made-in-usaNo. 80002 Guide Pin / Pin Boot Service Tool Kit (Bendix #K029107)

All kits (80000, 80001, 80002) compatible with Bendix’s new ADB22X-LT for trailer air disc brakes.

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Kit No. 80000 Weight: 22 Lbs (10 kg).
Includes Kit No. 80001 and Kit No. 80002 listed below:

Kit No. 80001 Weight: 7 Lbs (3.2 kg).
7 Pc. Set Includes:

Bendix No.Ken-Tool No.Description
T180101KT01 Cup
T280102KT02 Handle for KT01 Cup
T380103KT03 Swivel assy. made up of KT03-1 Short Body, KT03-2 Brass Disc, and KT03-3 Retaining Spring
T480104KT04 Long Strut
T980109KT09 Flange
T1580115KT15 Fork

Kit No. 80002 Weight: 15 Lbs (6.8 kg).
13 Pc. Set Includes:

Bendix No.Ken-Tool No.Description
T0580105KT05 1-3/8” Black Disc
T0680106KT06 1-1/2” Black Disc
T0780107KT07 2” Dia. Sleeve
T0880108KT08 2-1/8” Dia. Disc
T1080110KT10 8” Bolt
T1280112KT12 3-7/8” Long Sleeve
T1380113KT13 10” Bolt
T1480114KT14 Brass Nut
T1680116KT16 Dimpling Tool made up of KT16-1 Main Body, KT16-2 Crimper Screw, KT16-3 Expansion Ring, KT16-4 Plunger, KT16-5 impling Pins, and KT16-6 Set Screw
T2080120KT20 8” Bolt
T2180121KT21 Half Sleeve
T2680126KT26 Cap Tool made up of KT26-1 Retaining Ring, KT26-2 Mandrel and KT26-3 Sleeve
T2780127KT27 Cap Tool made up of KT26-1 Retaining Ring, KT26-2 Mandrel and KT27-3 Sleeve


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