Deluxe Tire & Wheel Service Center No. 36045

A simple yet effective way to merchandise Ken-Tool’s top products. Assortment 36045 offers 20 fast-selling tire and wheel service tools. Comes complete with a sturdy, free-standing wire rack (no assembly required). The graphics on the front of the rack let your customer know they’re buying professional quality tire tools and lug wrenches from Ken-Tool while the user-friendly design of the rack lets you know you found the solution to displaying Ken-Tool products. Both the wire rack and planogram card can be purchased separately.
Weight: 128 Lbs. (58 kg).

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3231822″ TR5 Truck Wrench Handle/Leverage Bar2
3250116″ TR1 1-1/8″ Hex w/13/16″ Sq. x 1-1/2″ Hex Dbl-End Wrench1
3250816″ TR98 1-1/2″ Hex x 13/16″ Sq. Dbl-End Wrench

16″ TR9 1-1/4″ Hex x 1-1/16″ Hex Dbl-End Wrench



3255216″ TRM2 24mm x 33mm Dbl-End Wrench1
3322030″ T20A Curved Tire Spoon2
3322330″ T23A Truck Lock Ring Removal Tool1
3464537″ T45A Truck Tire Mount/Demount Iron2
3464741″ T45HD Truck Tire Mount/Demount Iron1
3522931″ TG11EH Fiberglass Replacement Handle (fits 35429)1
3532316.5″ T35 Hickory Handled Tire Hammer1
3542932″ TG11E Fiberglass Handled Bead Breaking Wedge1
3569025″ T90 Light Truck 4-Way, Welded SAE2
3559527″ TC95 Heavy-Duty Truck 4-Way, Drop-Forged – SAE2
3592446″ T24B Slide-Action, Impact Bead Breaker1
30720Wire Rack1
36045-10Planogram Card with Tie Strap1


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