Fire Fly Sequential Flares

Smart Road Flare with Sequential Flashing patterns.
Ken-Tool’s Fire Fly Sequential Flares protect your number one asset, your people. Excellent alert system for roadside service, towing and Emergency Services. KEEP YOUR PEOPLE SAFE!!!


  • 2.4 Ghz radio-communication (FCC compliant)
  • 50+ feet (15 meters) range on ground (330 meters on top of cone)
  • IP66 rated; rugged and can withstand 30,000 lbs static load
  • 3,000+ feet (1,000 meter) visibility with 360-degree horizontal viewing angle and 180-degree vertical projection
  • Supplied with: Carrying/charging case, 12/24V car charger, and 110/240V wall charger
  • 4 flash patterns to choose from (2 sequential, 1 simultaneous, 1 steady-burn
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Flare Models:RDS:Set Sizes:Color Option:
“Professional” Set (91110)
1750mAh Lithium Battery
(20 hours of continuous flashing)
YES10 FlareOrange
“Professional” Set (91106)
1750mAh Lithium Battery
(20 hours of continuous flashing)
YES6 FlareOrange
91101 Replacement Flare

Sequential Flashing Patterns
Advanced warning through guidance

Crush Proof
(Independent lab 30,000 lbs. crush strength)

Tilt Sensor
automatically selects best light source

Rapid Deployment System
automatically turns on/syncs flare

Make cones an active warning
Brightly illuminates a traffic cone

IP66 Rating
Dust Proof and Water Resistant

Cost Effective
Short Return on Investment (ROI)

Reverse flash direction
Deploy in the reverse order


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