Impact Separator Tool

Heavy-duty impact front end service tool. Hits harder and straighter than a hammer, but no more misses or glancing blows. Two easily interchangeable hardened steel forks. Use the T39B-1 fork to separate shock absorber links and tie rods; Use the T39B-2 fork on spindle support arms to remove ball joints without damaging other suspension parts. Services compact cars and light duty trucks too. Made in USA. Patent Pending.

Includes impact separator tool with 2 forks:
35939-01 = T39B-1 Tie Rod Fork, Fork Opening: 5/8″ (2 cm)
35939-02 = T39B-2 Ball Joint Fork, Fork Opening: 15/16″ (2 cm)


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Model Item Number Description Length Weight
T39B 35939 Impact Separator Tool w/ 2 Forks 36-1/2″ (92.71 cm) 9.8 lbs (4.5 kg)


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