Torque Master Torque Sticks – Individual Heavy-Duty Truck Torque Extensions

Convert your own sockets into torque sockets for use on commercial, heavy-duty trucks, and buses.

WARNING: Torque sockets and truck torque extensions cannot be used to take off wheel nuts. Calibrate your impact gun and follow all manufacturers’ recommended procedures when using Torque Master products.



ModelDescriptionDrive Socket / Size OpeningTorque LimitWeight
30230Yellow (O)3/4″175 ft-lbs.75 lbs (.3 kg)
30231Yellow (N)3/4″250 ft-lbs.75 lbs (.3 kg)
30232Yellow (U)3/4″350 ft-lbs.75 lbs (.3 kg)
30233Yellow (M)3/4″475 ft-lbs.75 lbs (.3 kg)
30236Yellow (T)1″175 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30237Yellow (R)1″250 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30238Yellow (S)1″350 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30239Yellow (P)1″475 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30240Yellow (W)1″650 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30241Yellow (Q)1″300 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)
30242Yellow (Y)1″550 ft-lbs1 lb (.5 kg)


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110197 Torquesticks Extensions Manual
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