Nine Piece Twist Socket Set

Twist sockets are specifically designed to easily remove damaged, rounded or corroded nuts, wheel lugs, bolts, pipes, pipe nipples or studs. Simply place the socket so it barely catches the head of the fastener and turn with an air ratchet, hand ratchet, or breaker bar. The unique spiral fluting bites onto the damaged fastener and won’t let go. Designed for general automotive applications.

Socket Sizes:
30106-05 10 mm socket
30106-07 7/16″, 11 mm socket
30106-11 12 mm socket
30106-13 13 mm socket
30106-15 14 mm socket
30106-19 15 mm socket
30106-21 5/8″, 16 mm socket
30106-25 17 mm socket
30106-27 3/4″, 19 mm socket


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ModelItem NumberDescriptionDriveWeight
30109301099 Pc. Set w/ Organizer Bar3/8″2.8 lbs (1.2 kg)


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