Nineteen-Five™ Tire Mounting & Demounting Tool Set for 19.5″ Tires

19.5″ tires must be mounted and demounted with the wheel’s Hub Side Up because the Drop Center of the wheel is closer to the hub! This makes changing the 19.5″ tires notoriously difficult because the hub gets in the way of conventional bars and spoons. 19.5″ tires are also stiffer with high ply ratings and thick beads. Nineteen-FiveTM bars are specially designed to work on the hub side to make your job easier, faster and safer! New tire bar uniquely designed to work on hubside of wheel — where hub protrudes above rim. Specially designed ends manipulate tire with less effort. Tools are powder coated to protect from rust and corrosion. Forged from high-grade carbon steel and heat-treated for long-lasting strength and durability. Specially designed Bead Holder to hold bead on 19.5″ aluminum wheels.

Set Number 33195
Weight: 9.35 lbs (4.25 kg)
Set includes all 5 pieces listed.


SKU: 33195, 33199, 33196, 31710, 31810 Category:


33199Tire Mounting/Demounting Tool38″ (97 cm)7 lbs (3.2 kg)2
33196Bead Holder for 19.5″ Aluminum Wheels7-1/2″ (19 cm)1 lbs (.5 kg)1
31710Bead Holder for Steel Wheels – Soild Brass4-1/2″ (11.5 cm)1 lbs (.5 kg)1
31810Aluminum Wheel Protector – Leather6″ (15 cm).35 lbs (.15 kg)1

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How to Use the Nineteen-Five tool set on 19.5 in. Wheels Tire Bars for 19.5 in. Tires & Wheels


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