Pro Super Hub-Shark

Replace the front wheel bearings on front wheel drive vehicles without removing the steering knuckle from the vehicle – in about 20 minutes per wheel.

Includes everything you need to do the job!

• Keep more jobs in house – don’t send bearings out to be machine pressed
• Save time and money with reduced down time
• Pull and press any hub or bearing on domestic and import vehicles
• Pull inner bearing race from the hub
• Done completely on vehicle – no need to remove the knuckle assembly and re-align the front end
• Always be sure the center screw thread is clean and well lubricated
• Always wear safety goggles
• No. 7326U Upgrade Kit available for previous Hub-Shark™ owners (case included)


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Model Description Weight
7326 Pro Super Hub-Shark System 58 lbs (26.3 kg)

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KTHSI0510 Pro Super Hub Shark System Manual
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KTHSPL0510 Hubshark Parts Manual
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