Sure Shim Safety Shims™

EASY TO INSTALL Our easy to use Sure Shim Safety Shims firmly hold the plug in the receptacle ensuring tail lights stay on.

  • SAVINGS Our shims prevent prongs from wearing, which make the plugs/receptacles last much longer
  • SAFETY RATING Fewer tickets and incidents keep safety ratings lower. This equates to lower insurance premiums, more contracts and more total revenues
  • LOWER LIABILITY Lights stay on, being seen and safe
  • PROTECTION Lower accident risk, Drivers will be seen and protected.
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Lights won’t flicker during travel. Lights stay on. ABS lights indicate properly. (ABS lights often come on with a poor plug connection). Drivers will be seen and protected. Installs in 5 minutes.


Estimated Hard CostsOne Truck20 Trucks50 Trucks100 Trucks
Replacement Cost of Plug / Receptacle$75.00$1,500.00$3,750.00$7,500.00
Shop Time Labor$70.00$1,400.00$3,500.00$7,000.00
Downtime Loss of Miles$105.00$2,100.00$5,250.00$10,500.00
Driver Loss of Pay$15.75$315.00$787.50$1,575.00
Estimated Loss Potential$265.75$5,315.00$13,287.50$26,575.00
Pigtail Plug Safety Shim (pair)$14.95$299.00$747.50$1,495.00
TOTAL SAVINGS$248.80$4,976.00$12,440.00$24,880.00


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