Thirteen Piece Wheel Cover & Wheel-Lock Removal Kit

Remove and replace GM, Ford, Chrysler hubcap locks and aftermarket wheel lug locks without the factory issued key. Save time! Will not damage the lock or stud.

Set contains:

30170-10 Ford & Chrysler Hubcap Locks/Lg. GM Triangle Wheel Locks
30170-20 GM Spline Hubcap Locks
30115-02 3/4″, 19mm Damaged Wheel Lug & Oversized Wheel Lock Remover
30170-30 GM Hubcap Locks
30115-05 7/8″ Damaged Wheel Lug & Oversized Wheel Lock Remover
30170-40 18 mm Lugs/GM Wheel Cover Locks/Ford Wheel Locks
30171-45 18 mm Nut/Corvette GM Lock
30170-50 Corvette/GM “N” & “F” Body Wheel Locks
30170-60 Std. McGard-Style Wheel Locks/ Lg. GM Wheel Cover
30170-70 Oversized McGard-Style Wheel Locks
30170-80 Punch
30170-90 Lg. Dia. Chrysler Lock
30110-06 3″ Impact Extension


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ModelItem NumberDriveWeight
30171301711/2″4.9 lbs (2.2 kg)


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