Pneumatic Bead Expander

PTEN-top-ten 2013Expanders fit most bias ply tubeless tires. A pliable neoprene rubber tube is encased in a tough, long-lasting nylon cover. Expanders slip easily over tire and withstand contact with oil, grease, solvents, and acids. Expands bead by compressing tread to seat beads. T131 is for smaller tires, T132 for belted bias ply tires and steel belted radials, and T133 for standard bias ply tires. All models feature an over-pressure relief valve and external pressure quick release valve for safe operation.

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ModelItem No.Min / Max DiameterTube DiameterWeight
T1313143110 – 22″ (26 – 56 cm)2-1/4″ (6 cm)2 lbs (.9 kg)
T1323143224 – 34″ (61 – 86 cm)2-1/4″ (6 cm)2.8 lbs (1.2 kg)
T1333143322 – 32″ (60 – 81 cm)3/4″ (2 cm).75 lbs (.3 kg)


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