Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world.
Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for over 90 years.

Upcoming Events

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 5–8, 2019

Inventors Wanted

If you have an idea that Ken-Tool could use, please let us know!

I Wish I Had A Tool For That!

Ever thought of a perfect tool for that difficult job and wished someone would make it?
Ken-Tool is giving you a chance to have your tool idea made!

Ken-Tool History

A lot of change has occurred within Ken-Tool over the years, from its beginning with the innovative Pacific Rim Tool, through a variety of other product lines, affiliations, and ownerships. But throughout that period, its long-time slogan, "Wherever Tires Are Changed", has held true. Ken-Tool's brand name and reputation remain the best in the tire-service industry, and it is the passion of the company's leaders to make sure that continues to be true in the years ahead.