Why choose Ken-Tool Tire Inflation Cages?


Tire inflation cages serve 2 primary functions:

  1. Absorb energy from a tire and wheel failure.
  2. Isolate the tire and wheel away from the tire technician.

To absorb the energy from a failure, the steel side tubes must bend, but not break. The base plate must also lift and absorb energy and keep the stress from the tubes off the welds. Bigger tubes and thicker base plates rebound more energy and do not dissipate it.

  1. The T111 (36011) Earthmover Inflation Cage, is rated to 100 PSI.
  2. Ken-Tool uses A500 hot-rolled pickled & oil steel tubing which is specially designed to deform consistently to absorb any impact from wheel components.
  3. All cages are inspected and certified to OSHA regulation 29-CFR 1910.177 and are labeled in English and Spanish.
  4. Each Ken-Tool Cage is made in the U.S.A. by a 3G American Welding Society certified and tested welder.
  5. All of Ken-Tool’s Inflation Cages are rated to 130 PSI.
  6. 3/16” thick A500 steel base plate with single welded wheel stops allow the base plate to deform and keep the stress of the explosion away from the welds.

View our entire line of Tire Inflation Cages.

36005 – T105 5-Bar Inflation Cage Rated to 130 PSI

36010 – T110 5-Bar Super Magnum Inflation Cage with Mesh Rated to 130 PSI

36011 – T111 10-Bar Earthmover Inflation Cage Rated to 100 PSI