Balancing Beads

For almost 100 years, Ken-Tool has been a trusted brand in the tire service industry.  We’ve taken that wheel end expertise and are now proud to introduce our new Ken-Tool Balancing Beads, which offer complete wheel end balancing.

A simple cost-effective alternative to spin balancing is to simply install Ken-Tool Balancing Beads. Our easy to use drop in bag saves time and money on new tire installation and can be injected through the valve stem to completely balance the axle end on existing vehicles without dismounting the tire and wheel.

Our uniqueness in the marketplace is the memory technology that keeps our beads stabilized which provides a completely balanced axle end in all wheel positions not just highway speeds. This product always responds to correct either a sudden or progressive change in a state of balance conditions.

Spin Balancing and Machine Balancing only balance half of the axle end, meaning the tire and wheel. Ken-Tool Balancing Beads balance the complete axle end…the tire, the wheel and all the moving com-ponents of the wheel assembly (Hub, Brake Drum, etc…), not just the tire and wheel.


Item NumberDescriptionAmount
31600Bead Injection Tool for easy installation into the valve stem
31601(4) 1 oz bead packsCase of 160
31601S(4) 1 oz bead packsSingle Bag
31602(4) 2 oz bead packsCase of 128
31602S(4) 2 oz bead packsSingle Bag
31603(4) 3 oz bead packsCase of 96
31603S(4) 3 oz bead packsSingle Bag
31604(1) 4 oz bead packCase of 92
31604S(1) 4 oz bead packSingle Bag
31606(1) 6 oz bead packCase of 64
31606S(1) 6 oz bead packSingle Bag
31608(1) 8 oz bead packCase of 52
31610(1) 10 oz bead packCase of 40
31612(1) 12 oz bead packCase of 36
31614(1) 14 oz bead packCase of 32
31616(1) 16 oz bead packCase of 28


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