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Ken-Tool introduces the 35444 Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set

Now includes everything needed to mount and demount most 22.5 & 24.5 Tubeless Truck tires

AKRON, Ohio (September 11, 2014) — Ken-Tool, known worldwide as a leader in automotive and tire service tools, announces the release of its Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set (pn 35444).   The new set adds the T11ES Bead Breaking Wedge with Safety Handle (pn 35330) and the T35 Wood Handled Rubber and Steel faced Tire Hammer (pn 35323).

35444 Deluxe Blue Cobra Set
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By adding the T11ES & T35, the Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set now includes the ability to break loose both beads of the tire, which in previous versions of this set, could not be done without the use of additional tools.  The T11ES features a painted and textured handled, which provides an excellent, slip resistant, grip when used with, or without, gloves.

The 35444 Set is ideal for providing everything you need to stock your service truck, or to begin offering truck tire service in your tire shop when you could not previously.  Included in the kit is Ken-Tool’s world famous Blue Cobra Demount Tool.  The Blue Cobra can quickly tackle demounting the top and bottom beads of tires in seconds!  The Blue Cobra is also easy to use.  It applies leverage to where it is needed most and reduces user fatigue.

Also included in the set is a T45A 37” Tubeless Tire Iron (pn 34645) and 30” Double End Tire Spoon (pn 33050).  These tools make mounting a new tire a breeze when used with Ken-Tool’s Aluminum C-Lok Bead Holder (pn 31713) and Ken-Tool’s Euro Paste tire lubricant (pn 35848).

The Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set is also safe for use on aluminum and chrome wheels, in addition to steel.  The included Leather Rim Protector (pn 31810) is made from tough leather and provides ample protection of the wheel from the steel tools.  

The Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set is shipped in a single 57 lbs. box.  The suggested retail price for the Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service set is $693.82 and has a retail value of over $900.

Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide.

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See the 35444 Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set (and other new Ken-Tool products) at the Ken-Tool booth (#41293) in the Lower Level, South Hall.

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Ken-Tool is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional automotive and tire service tools. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for over 90 years.

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