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Product Flyers

Sure Shims
Jack Rod
Tire Irons
Hammers & Replacement Handles
Tire Inflation Cages / EZ Tire Rotators™
30267 Rust Rhino
Tire Inflators
30532 Industrial Torque Wrench
Multi-Purpose and Industrial Vises
Air Hoses
Professional Mechanic's Vises
30435 Norbar
Air Boss® Pneumatic Tools
Balancing Beads
35636 Stow & Go
30601 Hexchex
Pilot Sleeve
34555 Shark Fin
31444 Mega AirBlast™ Bead Seating Tool
31445 Mega AirBlast™ Bead Seating Tool
29999M ValveCapper® Pro
30600 KT073113 Super Single Axle Drain Pan
30167 Rust Hog™ Hub Abrasive Driver
29850 Tire Valve Installer
33200 Air Brake Slack Adjuster
30415 Axle Nut Sockets
29980 reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System
29975 reCore TPMS Repair Kit
Tire Bead Wedge Vs. Tire Hammer
35361 Automotive Weight Hammer
35359 Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer
35459 17.5 Sidewinder™ Kit
35938 Metric Valve Breaker™
31431 - T131 Utility Tire Air Powered Bead Expander
35440 Blue Cobra™ Demounting Tool
35442 Blue Cobra™ Truck Tire Service Kit
35444 Deluxe Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set
30254 New Impact Socket Sets
34549 Dual Wheel Separator
Truck Wrench line expansion
39998 OSHA Tire Mount/Dismount safety posters
35939 Impact Separator tool
31713 Aluminum Bead Holder
Tire mounting lubricant line
80000 Bendix® ADB22X™ Air Disc Brake Tool Kits
35936 Valve Breaker™ tool
30181 TorqueMaster™ Line Expansion
30171 13-piece Wheel Cover & Wheel Lock Removal Tool Kit
Thinwall Flipsocket Set
Twist Socket sets
33199 Nineteen-Five Mounting/ Demounting Tire Bar
32130 Industrial Wheel Lock Ring Tool Set
34950 IronMan™ Ergonomic Wheel Lifting Bar
36016 Easy-Lift™ Bead-Seating Stand
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In the News

2019-10-22 – Successful Farming – (scroll down) Ken–Tool Stow & Go Lug Wrench

2019-10-01 – FleetOwner – Ken-Tool Launches Video Contest to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

2019-09-25 – Modern Tire Dealer – Ken-Tool Upgrades Bead Seater

2019-05-29 – Brake & FrontEnd – Ken-Tool Launches New Website

2019-04-23 – Fleet Equipment – Pilot Sleeve inserts outperform in independent test

2019-04-19 – FleetOwner – Pilot Sleeve inserts outperform in independent test

2019-03-27 – Modern Tire Dealer – Ken-Tool’s Pilot Sleeve Outperforms Competition in Third-Party Test

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Pilot Sleeve™ Inserts Outperform Competitive Products in Independent Test of Centering Sleeves for Commercial Trucks

A total wheel-end balancing solution

AKRON, Ohio (March 27, 2019) – Pilot Sleeve™ Polyamide wheel centering sleeves surpassed competitive products in a recent, independent test of wheel centering devices for commercial trucks.

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